About us

We love smartwatches.

We believe that smartwatches are the future.

We believe that one day smartwatches will hold everything that’s dear to us and drive everything around us.

Our phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and TVs will all go to our smartwatches to get the stuff they need.

Our cars, lights, fridges, homes will all be automatically controlled by them.

They will unlock our front doors, allow us into depature lounges, give us access to cash. All without us having to lift a finger.

Without us even having to think about it.

And they will remain at all times locked safely to our wrists. No danger of loss, no danger of compromise.

As the name suggests, this site is entirely dedicated to the phenomena that are smartwatches.

So, on this website you will only find smartwatches, based on a strict set of criteria;

-the device must be worn on the wrist.
-it must tell the time in default mode.
-it must have a display sufficiently large enough to allow the user to read at least a full 140-character tweet without the need to scroll more than two screens.
-it must be able to run a wide range of apps, and not be restricted to just one specific area (such as fitness) - this criteria will preclude the myriad of fitness bands currently available.

In time, we hope to have a complete range of  smartwatch write-ups, with in-depth, hands-on reviews for each.

We like clean, clear and simple websites. We know you do to. We seriously dislike (hate is perhaps too strong a word) pop-ups and auto-play videos. We’re guessing you don’t either. That is why we will keep our interface as clean as possible, with the key information as easy to get to as possible, and we will not weigh down your browsing experience with unnecessary intrusions.

We welcome your comments, both supportive and “constructive”, and we will do our utmost to reflect on our pages what our readers are telling us. And the best of your comments will be published, both positive and negative.

We also very much welcome manufacturers to contact us if they would like us to look at and review their device. We will always give our honest and completely unbiased opinion based on our own set of standards and in relation to the current state of devices available at the time.