Watch vs Cuff, Topdog vs Underdog, Apple vs + Gucci

Puls Gucci

Well, well, well. What an entrance for’s new CEO Phil Molyneux. He didn’t waste any time hanging about. He grabbed the beleaguered and lifeless Puls project by the throat, cleaned it up, dressed it up, and slapped a luxury designer badge onto it.

Apple must be quaking in its boots.

In one fell swoop, the cuff (it was never a “smartwatch”, but it is now a “smartband”) went from being never-was to being right here, right now. It’s become a contender.

And the biggest coup of all? While Apple has been busy wining and dining and smooching and schmoozing all-and-sundry in the fashion world, it hasn’t got the one thing that’s creation now does – a fashion collaboration.

All of a sudden’s cuff is not just for cool kids; it’s for consummate fashionistas too. The black-eyed-pea has got to where he wanted to be. That’s Fashionology, baby!

People who had hitherto been disparaging (and many still are) have been forced to take note. Apple may have a fight on its hands.

There is still much to do. It is not known when the / Gucci device will be released, and what is known is there is still a lot of developmental work to be done. Apple Watch is confirmed out in late April, so the team have their work cut out.

But the game is no longer straightforward. And the conclusion is no longer foregone.